A few thoughts, notes and side projects.

Pencil portraits

Since being lucky enough to have a weekend long drawing class from Fine Artist Tanya Wood, I have been experimenting with some portraits of a few musicians that are close to my heart (Judee Sill, Nick Cave, Patti Smith and Bjork). I learned a lot from Tanya about building up layers, and it has given me a totally new passion for drawing after not picking up a pencil in years.


Tokyo Travel Diary

I’ve been trying to make a habit of documenting my trips abroad with loose sketchbooks instead of using the ol’ Instagram. Its amazing the sort of memories you end up holding onto and the level of detail it allows you to document!


User Persona Illustrations

As part of a vision piece I worked on for the film streaming service Filmstruck, I illustrated the 8 user personas created from the findings of our ethnographic study. Below are the finished illustrations, along with some work in progress sketches. The final drawings were made with a combination of watercolour, pencil and vector illustration.


Life drawing at the Star of Hackney Downs

I only seem to go to a life drawing class about twice a year, but the Drawing the Star classes in Hackney Downs on a Tuesday are great (and cheap!)


Hacking at the Tate

I was lucky enough to enter Hack the Space, a 24 hour hack competition held inside the Turbine Hall at the Tate Modern. I worked alongside fellow LBi'er Nick Jonsson to create a physical installation powered by Twitter data called Spinning Plates.


What is Spinning Plates?

 Spinning Plates is essentially a 12" record sat on a metal rod, sat on a spinning motor. The motor is connected, by Arduino, to Twitter. When the hashtag #NowPlaying and the word Kraftwerk are mentioned, the record will begin to spin. The more Kraftwerk are listened to, the faster the 'spinning late' will spin.



The idea came from the fact that Kraftwerk had performed in the very space we were working in 2 years previously. The brief was essentially to create a piece of art from data and the aim for the hack initially was to have a room full of spinning plates powered by different hashtags referencing different artists.  


The DigitasLBi Street Art competition

To re-launch the weekly DigitasLBi Creative Meeting, Joe Prythech, Sam Clements and myself decided to take the team out onto the streets for a street art competition. Inspired by the God-awful graffiti tours we are bombarded by around our office in Brick Lane, we set a brief to create a piece of street art, ready for our very own tour the following week.

Pieces included: A unicorn parking space, an interactive and physical version of SnapChat, a papier mache pigeon and a real life take on the Internet's very first GIF that spanned the length of a street!


The Anti-Consumerism Secret Santa

This year I set up a new type of Secret Santa for the Creative Department at DigitasLBi. I took a trip to Oxfam with a few quid from everyone in the team and came back with bags full of framed pictures, ornaments, toys and all sorts of unwanted bits and bobs.

The brief was to then take an item or two and create a bespoke pressie for your allocated giftee. What was produced exceeding all expectations in terms of effort and creativity!


Hand Lettering and Sign Writing course

I have recently been trying to teach myself the basics of calligraphy and hand lettering. This led onto me looking into a Sign Writing course that was being held down in Weald & Downland, Chichester. The course was run by Wayne Osborne of Osborne Signs and covered the basics of creating letterforms at a larger scale than I had been working with previously, and with materials I had never used before.

Below are a few slides from a presentation I gave the following week to the Creative Department at DigitasLBi on what I had learnt on the day long course.


Some other hand lettering experiments from my sketchbooks:


Hand lettering for the DigitasLBi intern scheme

I was asked to create a new hand lettered logotype for the DigitasLBi intern scheme called 'Winterns'. The name came from the idea that an internship at an agency of DigitasLBi's scale should be a win-win situation for both the agency and the intern.  Led by Hannah Dury and Tom Kavanagh, I was asked to help create the marque and some ideas around how it could be executed across promotional material. Below are some work in progress ideas.


Work archive:
Taschen web and app pitch

From back in 2010, here are a few images of a website and app pitch I worked on for Taschen Publishing.  You can see more on this project here:


Experimenting with sound and image

So I read this blog post about importing images into the sound editing software Audacity and wanted to try out a few sound effects on some imagery I had been creating for a mobile game experiment. The images below are the outcome of applying effects such as reverb, echo, phasing and pitch shift.


Teaching 'The Book' at
the University of East London

Back in 2011 I co-tutored a module on the BA Graphic Design course at the University of East London along with Stephen James Barrett. The module was called 'The Book' and looked at designing for narrative, be it fiction or news, print or on screen. The images below show a book Stephen and I designed and published, containing a collection of 1:1 scale reproductions (in black and white) of the work produced by the 2nd year students.


Work in progress:
Barclays Wealth illustration

A brief was set for a handful of designers and DigitasLBi to create a poster celebrating various projects that have gone live in the past 12 months. I was given the Barclays Wealth project Little Book of Wonders, a portal built to share the exclusive offers and events given to customers.