Building an interface

In addition to building the physical clock, we created a Mobile App that visitors to the Barbican could check out to understand more about what they were hearing and seeing.

The first rule we set ourselves during the hack project was that we all had to learn something new and work (ever so slightly) outside of our comfort zones. So I tasked myself with the Front-end development of the Responsive Website visitors would log onto.


The final piece

The clock was installed at the Barbican for a period of 2 weeks. The clock had to be checked on a daily basis because the cleaners had a habit of turning our power off at the end of each day! 


The design of the site paid homage to the timeless branding created for the Barbican by North. Although not an 'official' Barbican installation, we wanted the physical clock as well as the design around the installation to feel at home there. 


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